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Before we know if you need a process Engineer, we need you to first understand the Systems And Technology Used In Process Engineering

Oil gas processing plant with pipe line valves

The systems used in process engineering can vary from simple stamping tools and mechanical production mechanisms to extremely complex, multi-step biochemical processing machines – the particular systems used often depend on the industry in which the process engineer works.

However, all process engineers use computers heavily for their roles. Using advanced design, ideation, and simulation programs, new and novel processes can be developed without interrupting manufacturing, allowing for constant and continuous improvement.  

Computers are also essential for the analysis of data – which is a key area of responsibility for all process engineers. All relevant data about system and process performance must be regularly analysed to ensure that production is proceeding properly – and that any areas of improvement can be quickly identified. 

You also need to know your Areas Of Focus In Process Engineering

There are hundreds of specialisations that process engineers can choose. However, there are some common areas of focus that many engineers choose to focus on during their careers:

  • Asset Management & Maintenance – The installation, management, and maintenance of new equipment is a key role that many process engineers choose to focus on.
  • Process Engineering/Management – Developing and managing new processes is a common role for all process engineers.
  • Process Automation/Control – Controlling and automating processes requires a specialized skillset, usually including some kind of programming or computer science background.
  • Drives & Motors– Optimizing drives, motors, and other industrial equipment is a specialized area of focus, often taken on by process engineers with a mechanical engineering background.
  • Process Instrumentation & Measurement – Developing instrumentation and measurement techniques is a key part of any process engineering project.
  • Fluids/Liquids Handling And Processing – Liquids and fluids handling expertise is usually required in the food & beverage industry, as well as other industries like utilities, wastewater management, and petrochemical manufacturing.
  • Solids Handling/Processing – Solids handling is a large field, encompassing areas from food service to paper processing and metallurgy/mining.
  • Health & Safety Analysis – Health and safety analysts focus on the safety of personnel and equipment, as well as the streamlining of common manufacturing processes.
  • Industrial Networking & Communication – Communication and networking in industrial settings is essential for proper machine automation and process performance. Process engineers with an IT background are highly sought-after for these positions.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) utilizes modern IoT technology to provide manufacturers with more in-depth analyses of their process performance. Engineers who focus on this area often combine IT and programming expertise with deep knowledge of a particular manufacturing industry.

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