Industries that needs Process Engineering

Process Engineering Industries

Process engineering is valuable for any industry that manufactures consumer products, processes raw materials, or otherwise must utilize advanced production technologies to create some kind of saleable product. Here are a few industries where process engineering is highly-valued: 

  • Food & Beverage – Food and beverage manufacturers need process engineers to ensure that their processes are efficient, food-safe, and maximize profitability.
  • Chemicals – Chemical process engineering is highly complex, requiring an in-depth knowledge of both chemistry and process engineering.
  • Paper & Pulp – Paper mills and pulping plants often utilize process engineers to ensure maximum performance of all existing processes, and to create novel and innovative manufacturing strategies.
  • Plastics & Rubber – As a subset of the petrochemical industry, plastics & rubber companies must use process engineers to ensure product quality, minimal waste, and adherence to environmental regulations.
  • Metals & Minerals – Mining and material extraction companies in the metals/minerals industry use process engineers to ensure minimal waste of valuable products during the refining process.
  • Ceramics, Glass & Cement – Because ceramics, glass, and cement are often proprietary and use distinct manufacturing processes, process engineers are highly sought-after to improve each process, and maximize profitability.
  • Utilities – Process engineering is extremely valuable to utility companies. This is because utility companies often have a difficult time increasing profits – and streamlining delivery and minimizing waste is one of the few ways to guarantee more profitability.
  • Power Generation – Process engineers are required for all power plants and power generation centers; from coal-fired power plants, to natural gas processing facilities, nuclear power plants, and more.
  • Water & Wastewater – Processing water and wastewater usually falls to municipal authorities, who use process engineers to ensure maximum efficiency and safety of their processing plants.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Process engineering is key for pharmaceutical companies. Each individual drug must be manufactured efficiently, but with razor-thin tolerances for chemical composition and effectiveness, making efficient and safe processes absolutely critical.
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