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Most of your needs are solved here already

Why must i trust you guys?

 We leverage on

 Many years of experience and hands-on expertise of our team

 Strategic Partnerships

 Access to contemporary and most sophisticated process software and other digital tools

who are your management team, how skilled are they?

Our management team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced experts from across the world. We are better poised to meet and exceed our clients expectations by virtue of leverage..

Who is Krisquest?

KrisQUEST Energy Services Limited is Process Engineering company with the requisite experience and tools to provide the Oil and Gas, Power and the
Process Industries with professional, cost effective and fast track process

What can Krisquest do very well?

We are better positioned to deliver quality engineering services by reason of
our Technical Partnerships with world’s leading engineering solutions providers
both locally and internationally.
Our processes are at par with international acceptable standards and codes
such as API, ASME, NACE etc

What are Your Capabilities, Your strengths..???

We offer a complete suite of end-to-end Solutions from Process Design and
Engineering(FEED, DED) to Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning, PDEPCIC.
 Gas Process Technology: PDEPCIC – Mechanical Refrigeration MRU and Cryogenic
Plants such as Joule-Thomson.
 Mechanical Engineering: PDEPCIC – Static Equipment such as Pressure Vessels (Test
& Production Separators, KOD, Quench Vessels etc), Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks,
Fractionation/Distillation Columns, Skids, Piping and Structures
 Mechanical Engineering: PDEPCIC – Rotary Process Equipment such as Pumps
(Centrifugal, Positive Displacement and Multiphase) and Compressors.
 Petroleum Process Design: Process Facilities Design, Flow Assurance studies, Flare
Radiation and Dispersion Analysis, Blowdown Studies, Process Equipment Sizing,
Pressure Drop Analysis and Pipeline Sizing etc.
 Electrical Power and Automation Systems: PDEPCIC – Control Panels, Distribution
Boards, Change Over Panels (Manual/Automatic), Fault Analysis etc
 Engineering Consultancy Services.
 Process Design and Engineering Training Services.
 Recruitment Management Systems.
 Design and Build.

How can I relate with you guys to discuss my challenges?

Our quest to be the one stop shop for delivery of Engineering Solutions to Oil & Gas, Power and Process Industries across the world. so we are readily available for whoever wants to reach us, visit the contact page to get more details on how to reach us

what designs are you familiar with??

We have built partnership with industry experts

 Kirk Process (UK) – Engineering Design
 Petroskills (USA) – Training and Design Support
 Promise Engineering (UAE) – Training and Design Support

What Engineering Tools do you use?


 ASPEN HYSYS Process Modelling and Simulation
 Promax Chemical Process Simulator
 Fathom Pipe Flow Analysis
 Bentley SACS Offshore Structure Design and Analysis
 Cadworx Plant Professional
 Autodesk Plant Professional
 Flaretot Flare Radiation and Dispersion Analysis
 Petroleum Expert Oil Field Management
 Fluid Flow Hydraulics
 Oil Field Manager
 Pipesim
 PV-Elite
 VMGSim
 KrisQuest Specialised Hydraulic and Sizing Software

What are Your Portfolios, What projects have you executed before?

Our PORTFOLIO is growing and improving,

As a Team of young vibrant Engineers, We have provided innovative solutions to
complex engineering problems in the Power, Oil and Gas fields in time past. We have been highly successful in providing effective and cost optimized solutions in Electrical Design and Analysis, Pressure Vessels Detailed Engineering Design (DED), Construction and Fuel Gas Piping System with  Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

check out our full portfolio at our portfolio page

How do you mean when you say YOUR VISION BECOMES OUR MISSION?

Our specialty is in project management. Our capacity ensures that our solutions are effective to meet your project expectations. We help you meet your target project budget by removing the encumbrances and uncertainties during execution. 

Each project is tailored to the vision of the client, with our team providing a core selection of engineering design services to help achieve that vision.

How else can you help my business grow?

We can help you walk through the entirety
of the process from Process Modelling,
Simulation, Design (Unit Operations,
Plants, Instruments, Controls) to
evaluating utilities with energy impacts
and operating costs to providing
construction documents with “In-house”
Mechanical, Electrical, Structural and
Process engineering disciplines.

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