Our Cryogenic Natural Gas Plants are engineered to dry and recover Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) for natural gas feedstock flow rates of 30 to 200 mmscf/d utilizing the Recycle-Split-Vapor (RSV) process, or the Gas Subcooled Process (GSP) depending on desired recovery
The facilities use turbo-expanders to achieve an ultra-low temperature allowing recovery rates of 95+% of the inlet stream’s ethane, 99.8+% of propane and 100% of the butane.
The plants come in configuration including inlet dehydration using molecular sieve equipment, cryogenic gas processing system, and turbo expander/ re-compressor skid.

Additional options such as a hot oil system, pipeline pumps, amine
treating, inlet and residue compression, and refrigeration equipment to meet specific application demands are available.

Differentiator Elements
 Molecular sieve dehydration
 Gas Subcooled Process for moderate ethane recovery
 Recycle-Split-Vapor process for ultra high ethane and superb propane and heavier hydrocarbons recovery
 Stainless steel de-methanizer
 Brazed aluminum heat exchangers;

» Up to 99% ethane recovery
 Up to 100% propane recovery
 100% butane recovery
 Effective recoveries in recovery and rejection modes