Condensate Stabilizers reduce the vapor pressure of produced oil/condensate for stock tank storage and transport, and increase the recoverable quantity of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs).
The Condensate Stabilizer Unit is designed to minimize startup time, safely stabilize condensates by reducing Reid Vapor Pressure, (RVP) and efficiently capture Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) in well streams. Available in standard capacities from 2,000 BPD to 10,000 BPD

 Condensate Stabilizer tower
 Stainless steel packing
 Multiple stages of separation
 Inlet heat exchanger
 Shell and tube
  •  Outlet gas ambient heat exchanger
     Indirect heater with expansion tank
     Removable fire tube
     Burner safety low (BSL) / igniter
     Removable coil
     Fuel gas assembly & flame arrestor
     Removable ladder
     Vertical three-phase separator
     Vertical blow case
     Pneumatic instrumentation
     High/low shutdown valve
     Heavy-duty oilfield skid with lifting lugs

 Burner management system
 Electrical instrumentation
 Gas metering
 Liquid metering
 Cold weather option
 Sour gas service built according to the NACE standard
 Stack arrestor
 Additional cooling.