KRISQUEST provides the marine industry in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa with quality, safe and cost optimized supports and services including Sea-going Barges, Deck Barges, Storage Barges, Offshore Construction Vessels, Mobile Offshore Drilling and Production Units, Self-Elevating Work Platform,  tugs, Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessels FPSO

We provide Oil, Gas and Marine assets with cost effective, high quality and safer offshore management services with its qualified experienced Mariners from the offshore industry.

Work is performed around standard ship management agreements that clearly define those areas of ship operation for which KRISQUEST are responsible.


On acceptance of a management contract,  KRISQUEST shall perform a full safety and technical audit of the vessel(s).

We believe in the importance of good communication, which is achieved by providing reports and KPIs on all vessel activities.

Offshore construction platform for exploration and production oil and gas with bridge in evening time for power energy of the world concept

In offering a complete Management Service, KRISQUEST is fully committed to meeting and maintaining your vessel(s) to the highest standards, to maximize your resource financially.
KRISQUEST also specializes in the relocation of jack-ups where the location can present many technical challenges, eg difficult soil types, rack phase differences (RPD), excessive spud can loading, and other environmental challenges. Jack-up rig moving can be from and to any location, ie platforms, open locations, harbours, dry- docks, on/off-loads (carriers) etc


KRISQUEST offers advanced engineering design, simulation and analysis of marine systems with capabilities for the design of all types of marine vessels – hull modeling, stability analysis, motions and resistance prediction, structural modeling, structural analysis, equilibrium, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, and export to vessel detailing.
Some of our enterprise tools for marine design, simulation and design includes:
Autodesk INVENTOR 3D Modeller 2018 | Autodesk INVENTOR Stress analysis tool | Autodesk INVENTOR Finite Element Analysis tool
Bentley MAXSURF Connect v21.14
SACS Marine 5.6 v
Bentley MOSES V11